Denver Hail Damage Repair

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As storm season rolls around in Colorado, keep these facts about hail in mind and make sure your Denver roof is fully functional with un-damaged shingles.

Preventative roof maintenance now keeps you from paying more for Denver roof repairs in the future.

denver hail damage repairColorado Hail Damage Facts & Your Denver Roof:

  1. Hail damage to your Denver roof is not visible from the ground.
  2. If your Denver area neighbors are getting a new roof after a big storm, you need to get your roof inspected.
  3. Hail damage does not typically cause leaks.
  4. The effects of Colorado hail damage will start to show 2-3 years down the road.
  5. Impact from Colorado hail storms removes the granule material on the surface of the shingle, exposing the asphalt layer of your Denver roof to the sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  6. The asphalt layer of the shingle is black, which makes it hard to see hail damage to your roof.
  7.  Damage is easier to see on light colored shingles as opposed to darker colored shingles.
  8. UVA/UVB (sunlight) rays cause shingles to break down and fail; that is why your insurance will pay to replace your roof. (Insurance companies do not pay for unnecessary repairs.)
  9. Notifying your insurance company in a timely manner is important, as most policies give the homeowner 180 days-1 year from the date the damage occurred to file a claim.

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